Holiday-the worst part…

…was the waiting!
at the top of a massive waterslide
in Lanzarote
after promising that I would try it
before we went home.
So there I was, on the last day, waiting to go down…
(and shaking)
feeling PETRIFIED !!!
Being reassured by my 10 year old!!!
Guess what!
I did it!
and I loved it!!!
Wished I had done it sooner.
What is your ‘waterslide’?
What are you putting off ?
Would you love to be fitter but haven’t made the leap?
Do you want to come to my classes but you are unsure what to expect?
Just like my lovely daughter did,
let me reassure you..
“It will be ok- you can do this!”
I totally understand that walking into a new exercise class can be
outside your comfort zone and feel a bit daunting.
If you are reading this email you have probably met me,
That’s one less thing to worry about- I will know you!
You may not know this about me-
my favourite part of teaching fitness
Is when someone tries my class for the first time!
And I’m in my absolute glory
when that person returns the following week, and the next week….
Where was I ? Oh yes, waterslide…
We had a fantastic holiday, it was great to get away with Steven and my girls.
I’m back full of sunshine and looking forward to seeing you soon!
Quote – Everything you want is on the other side of fear- Jack Canfield
CLASSES -July/AugustTuesdays
6.30-7.30pm Fitness Pilates
7.30-8.30pm Funky fit mix
Scout hall, John St, Helensburgh
Dates 14,21,28 July and 4,11 August

7.30-8.30pm Fitness Pilates
Unit 4, Castlegreen St, Dumbarton
(12 spaces only)
Dates 9,16,23,30 July and 6,13 August
Adult classes are on a pay as you come basis during the summer, first come first served.
6 pounds per session.
Tuesdays 10-11am
Riverside Church, Dumbarton
Dates 14,21,28 July and 4,11 August
3.50 per class (drop in)
Thursdays 10-11am
Scout hall, John St, Helensburgh
Dates 9,16,23,30 July and 6,13 August
3.50 per class (drop in)
Julie ‘sky diving next?!’ Smith

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