He doesn’t get me…

… after 16 years of marriage to Mr Smith

… 20 years together

…two kids!

… And he still doesn’t get that if I see chocolate- I eat it!

It’s all or nothing

But lately it’s been all!

So I may have eaten his Easter egg


From his Mum!!!

( double oops!)

Finders keepers!?

and I just happened to find it in my mouth (he he!)

Anyway- chocolate detox started today,

His Yorkie bars are safe

Until after our holiday at least!

(Or until I search his golf bag…)

Why am I telling you all this?

I suppose it’s a kind of a confession ( sorry I ate your egg Steven!)

And a reminder that we all have cravings/treats/ times when we don’t exercise.

It’s about finding a way for you to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle.

What works for you?

All or nothing?

Here is where I will be working off those delicious calories- want to join me?!

Current class times/days/venues

Funky Fit-mix ( Bums, tums, fat burning & bingo wing blasting)

7.30-8.30pm Tuesdays,Scout Hall, Helensburgh

7.30-8.30pm Thursdays, Centre Stage Studio, Dumbarton

***Pink fit-mix cards available to buy and use between 21st April until 18th June

Still only thirty pounds for 6 sessions***

Or you can pay as you come- the price is six pounds per class. 

Fitness Pilates( Posture, balance & strength)

*7-8pm & *8-9pm Sundays, Unit 4, Castlegreen St, Dumbarton

*10am-11am & *11am-12pm Mondays, Braeholm, Helensburgh

*9.30-10.30am & 10.30-11.30am(beginners) Tuesdays, Unit 4, Castlegreen St, Dumbarton

*6.30-7.30pm Tuesdays, Scout Hall, Helensburgh

10-11am Thursdays,Braeholm, Helensburgh 

Funky wee monkeys( craziness for kids aged 2+)

1-2pm Mondays, Masonic Hall, Helensburgh

1.30-2.30pm Thursdays, Riverside Church hall, Dumbarton

10-11am Saturdays, Riverside Church hall, Dumbarton

Please get in touch to book a place within my Fitness Pilates classes highlighted above with a star(*)

Or drop in to any of the classes without a star. I’d love to welcome you.

Quote-All you need is love. But a little chocolate now & then doesn’t hurtCharles.M.Schulz 

Julie x

Chocoholics Anonymous

c/o Funky Fitness HQ

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