I lost my willpower


sometime around mid December…

Awaiting its return!

Yep, I’m definitely on the naughty list,

Aiming to get back on the good list ( see below) asap!

I saw a fab quote recently…

‘It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit!’

Funny but true.

Liked this one too

‘Summer bodies are made in the winter’

Anyway I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

I am gearing up for classes restarting and I am really looking forward to seeing you there.

Mondays restart 5th Jan 2015
*10am-11am Fitness Pilates
*11am-12pm Fitness Pilates
Amethyst studio, Braeholm, Helensburgh

1pm-2pm Funky Wee Monkeys
Masonic Hall, Helensburgh

Tuesdays restart 6th January 2015
*9.30am-10.30am Fitness Pilates
10.30am-11.30am Beginners Pilates
Unit 4, Castlegreen St, Dumbarton

*6.30pm-7.30pm Fitness Pilates
Scout Hall, John St, Helensburgh
Due to limited spaces this class is now block booking/payment and is fully booked.

7.30pm-8.30pm Funky Fit-mix
(drop in- no booking required)
Scout Hall, John St, Helensburgh

Thursdays restart 8th January 2015
10am-11am Fitness Pilates
(drop in-no booking required)

1.30pm-2.30pm Funky Wee Monkeys
Riverside Church, Dumbarton

7.30pm-8.30pm Funky Fit-mix
(drop in, no need to book)
Centre Stage studio, Dumbarton

Saturdays starting 10th January 2015
NEW CLASS 10am-11am Funky Wee Monkeys, children aged 2+
Riverside Church, Dumbarton

Sundays restart 11th Jan 2015
*7pm-8pm Fitness Pilates
*8pm-9pm Fitness Pilates
Unit 4, Castlegreen St, Dumbarton

Classes highlighted with a star (*) require booking/payment in advance due to limited spaces.
Feel free to get in touch Julie.smith34@sky.com if you would like more information about my classes.

GOOD (snack) LIST

Oats & blueberries
Oats aren’t just for breakfast—they’re good any time you need a hearty treat. Full of fiber, they help regulate blood sugar levels to keep you from crashing. Meanwhile, blueberries add a kick of sweetness (and vitamin C) without any table sugar. Try a packet of plain, microwaveable oatmeal topped with a half cup of blueberries.

Banana and peanut butter
Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter onto a banana. The carbs will give you a quick mood and energy spike, while the protein will keep the energy going for hours. A 2013 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that eating peanut butter in the morning can help curb your appetite throughout the rest of the day.

Apple Slices with cheese
An apple a day might not necessarily keep the doctor away, but it could help prevent weight gain, according to research in the journal Nutrition. Another study shows cheese might, too. Try pairing a gala apple with a half-inch slice of sharp cheddar cheese: It’s the perfect sweet and salty mix with a crunch!
Info taken from Health.com

Enjoy your weekend, hopefully see you soon!

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