Hangry? Is this you??

Do you get ‘crabbit/angry’ when you are hungry?? I recently read an article about this and it is now being known as feeling Hangry!!
This is so me!!!
This is why I don’t DIET!
I would actually have no friends and my family would disown me.
When I am hungry I am not a happy or tolerant person.
Eating LITTLE AND OFTEN is key for me!
What works for you! ??
Maybe you can starve for 2 days out of 5? Or only eat 3 meals a day.

EXERCISE is the same…
Find what works for you and fits into your lifestyle.
I have clients that come to Pilates and never set foot in my Fitmix classes( and vice versa).
Be honest-what do you like doing?
How much time do you really have-we can all say we have no time but how important is the ironing/cleaning vs your health??
You can record your TV programmes so easily and enjoy them post-workout!

There are seven days in a week…someday isn’t one of them!

FUNKY SUMMER FITNESS -keeping parents/grandparents sane this summer!!!
As a valued client & email reader I would like to share my children’s SUMMER class plans with you-before this information is put on Facebook and advertised locally. It is important to me that you get to know this stuff first!

Children aged 2-8 will enjoy summer themed fun and fitness with new games and prizes. Tea/coffee for parents and snacks/bottle of water for children.(parent must stay for the duration of the session if child is under 5)
TUESDAYS 10am-11am Masonic Hall, Helensburgh
(Dates 8/7/14, 15/7/14, 22/7/14, 29/7/14, 5/8/14)
THURSDAYS 10am-11am Riverside Church hall, Dumbarton
(Dates 10/7/14, 17/7/14, 24/7/14, 31/7/14, 7/8/14)
£3.50 per class ( pay as you come) or PAY ONLY £10 * in advance and enjoy 5 sessions.
*Advance payment of £10 will only be accepted from now until 19th June.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions/suggestions.

Thank you for reading!
See you at one of my classes soon..?

Julie ‘Hangry’ Smith

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