Seven habits of really fit people


Hope this wee email finds you well?! As usual I just like to let you know where I’m teaching this week and some top tips for keeping fit!
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“Start with the end in mind. ”
― Stephen R. Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Monday 5th August
FITNESS PILATES 10am-11am Amethyst studio, Braeholm, Helensburgh
No need to book, just come along. £5.50 per class
*12 spaces available, first come first served basis*

Tuesday 6th August
FITNESS PILATES 6.30pm-7.30pm St Joseph’s lower hall, Helensburgh
FUNKY FIT-MIX 7.30pm-8.30pm St Joseph’s lower hall, Helensburgh
No need to book, just come along. £5.50 per class

Wednesday 7th August
LAST SESSION- FUNKY WEE MONKEYS( under 5’s fitness) 10am-11am Rosneath Caravan park, Rosneath.
£3 per child, parent must stay, no booking required.

Thursday 8th August
MESSY MONKEYS,10am-11.30am Dumbarton, FULLY BOOKED.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can give you anymore info about my classes 🙂

Adopt these seven, simple habits of really fit people and realize the benefits of a healthier body.

Healthy Habit #1: They Eat

No one ever dieted their way to long term fitness and health. Despite the disturbing trend toward fad diets (which involve extreme calorie restriction or striking entire food groups from a person’s diet,) well-conditioned, in-shape people eat. And they actually eat a lot.

The difference between fit eaters and fat eaters, is that highly fit people eat differently — they tend to eat more whole, unprocessed foods; have higher lean protein intake; consume the bulk of their carbohydrates in the form of complex carbs like whole grains, vegetables and whole fruit; and avoid the “fat free food” trap. They also tend to eat more frequently (as many as six to seven meals a day), but make those meals smaller.

The result is that they have more stable blood sugar, more consistent energy levels, and are less prone to gaining body fat because they rarely eat more calories in any given meal than their body can utilize.

Healthy Habit #2: They Move

People who seem to be perpetually in good shape not only eat frequently, but they move a lot. This seems elementary, but in a sedentary society, we are moving less than ever before. Highly fit people don’t shy away from physical activity in their daily lives.

Healthy Habit #3: They Make the Time for Exercise

“I don’t have time for exercise” isn’t something you’ll hear from a highly fit person. Everyone is busy and everyone has career, family and community obligations. But highly fit people make time for exercise.

Healthy Habit #4: They Drink Water

Highly fit people understand the benefits of water. When you see them, whether its at the gym, at home or in the office, a bottle of water will often be close at hand. Study-after-study has shown that proper hydration isn’t just important to athletes and runners, but everyone. Water can blunt fatigue, improve concentration and thought clarity, discourage the formation of kidney stones, improve digestion and improve performance in the gym. Highly fit people drink a lot of water … and they are healthier for it.

Healthy Habit #5: They Don’t Diet!
This is related to Habit #1. Highly fit people don’t “go on diets” — they are on a diet every day.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they are restricting calories every day. It means that they understand that long term health and fitness requires consistently eating smart. And smart eating for a highly fit person is just part of their every day routine. You can often spot a highly-fit person because they don’t skip breakfast, they will often bring their own lunch to work and they seem to always be snacking on healthy foods like apples, vegetables and nuts.

Healthy Habit #6: They Have Goals

Highly fit, in-shape people always have a goal. After all, you can’t improve something unless you know what you are trying to improve it to. Those goals can be small and incremental, or large and ambitious. In either case, they act with a sense of purpose when it comes to their health and physical fitness.

Healthy Habit # 7: The Record Their Progress

Healthy, highly-fit people keep track of their exercise so they can determine whether they are actually making progress toward their goal. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

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