Who is your Thinspiration?

Who is your ‘thinspiration’??

Who do you look at in magazines, on tv or actually know that you would love to look like??

Mine is Kate Middleton because she is slim AND fit.(Remember slim doesn’t always mean fit! Someone could be thin but smoke or just be naturally lean but never exercise).

Here’s what to do- get a picture or write the person’s name down…then stick it to your fridge/biscuit tin/munchie cupboard and ‘visualise,visualise,visualise’.

Try to steer clear of said biscuit tin and get moving!

Now, I am never going to have long legs but I can improve the tone and look of mine with the right exercises, eating healthy and drinking lots of water…and some high heels!!

Join me on Tuesday evenings for Bums, tums and wobbly bits 7.30pm followed by some express fat burning at 8.30pm-9pm. St Josephs lower hall. Hope to see you there!


Class times this week

Monday 17th September

10am-11am Fitness Pilates Braeholm, Helensburgh

*Sorry class is full for current 6 week block*

Dates 20 Aug, 27 Aug, 3 Sept, 10 Sept, 17 Sept, (no class 24/9/12 Sept weekend) 1 Oct


1pm-2pm Funky Wee Monkeys-Pre school fitness (3-5 years)

NEW VENUE- Masonic Hall, West Princes St, Helensburgh

£3 per child, price includes water and fruit snack


3.30pm-4.15pm Funky Fitness After school exercise class

Masonic hall, West Princes Street,Helensburgh

Children in primaries 1,2 & 3


Tuesday 18th September

9.15am-10.15am Fitness Pilates

*Sorry class is full for current 6 week block*

Unit 4, (next to YOUR RADIO) Castlegreen Street, Dumbarton

Dates 21 Aug, 28 Aug, 4 Sept, 11 Sept, 18 Sept, 25 Sept 2012



6.30pm-7.30pm Fitness Pilates- gentle for you, tough for your corset and tummy muscles

7.30pm-8.30pm Bums, tums & wobbly bits– blast your jelly belly, butt and bingo wings!

8.30pm-9pm Super trooper circuit (I play Abba music to sing along to while you sweat!)

St Josephs Lower hall, Helensburgh

Tuesday evening classes are on a ‘pay as you come’ basis for the moment.

STILL ONLY £5 per class. Circuit is £2.50  (or FREE when you attend Bums, tums & wobbly bits.)


Thursday 20th September

10am-11am Fitness Pilates Braeholm, Helensburgh

*Sorry class is full for current 6 week block*

Dates 23 Aug, 30 Aug, 6 Sept, 13 Sept, 20 Sept, 27 Sept 2012


1.30pm-2.30pm Funky Wee MonkeysPre school fitness (3-5 years)

Riverside Church hall, Dumbarton

£3 per child, price includes water and fruit snack


3.25pm – 4.10pm Funky Fitness After school exercise classes

Children in primaries 1 + 2 

Riverside church hall, DUMBARTON


.Please get in touch if you would like more information about my classes or visit my website www.funky-fitness.net




Gliding Reverse Lunge


To be completed on hardwood or tile floor

Start with one foot on cloth or towel and opposite foot on floor

Slide rear foot backwards

Push off front heel and return to starting position.

Complete 10-15reps/leg


TIP: try not to pull with rear foot and keep pressure on front heel throughout.




Thought of the week

This week’s THOUGHT OF THE WEEK is from Beth who is a  Tuesday night Bums, tums & circuit class and Thursday morning pilates regular, she saw this and thought of me!! Chocoholic that I am!! Thanks Beth!


“Your hand and mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there’s no need to involve your brain” Dave Barry, American Humourist


Thank you for reading this week’s blog, you may have come along to one or lots of my adult exercise classes or brought your ‘wee monkey’ along to my children’s sessions. I enjoy sending out a weekly blog full of motivation, positive thoughts and where you can find me to come and join in with my exercise classes.


Be inspired and think – fit!

Julie x

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